Sunday, August 3, 2008

Welcome to Nekozet Arts!

Welcome to Nekozet Arts! It's pronounced NAY-ko-zet, and was born from two of my favorite words: My beloved kitty's name, Neko (NAY-ko), which is Japanese for "cat", and my middle name, Cosette (KO-zet), thanks to my Grandmother's reading of Victor Hugo while pregnant with my Mom!
Yep, it's that first-ever blog entry for me, and it comes with the usual caveats: Still Under Construction and Stay Tuned for More! Thanks for Visiting!! Above is pictured the first card I ever made, in July of 2007, for my PaPa's birthday.


Anonymous said...

Great format! love your username--how clever!

Nekozet (NAY-ko-zet) said...

Thank you, Popcorn! What a perky name YOU have! Thanks for visiting!